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Why Dutchies consume news – abstract of my Master’s thesis

Existing literature in media and political studies have shown that public knowledge is a prerequisite for a properly functioning democracy. Whilst the content that (news) media organisations offer is positively correlated with citizen’s knowledge about society, it is...


Drawing the future of the VUB

Though government budgets are being cut, improvements to facilities and services at the VUB – the Vrije Universiteit Brusssel – can and should be improved by organising things in a smarter way. Based on general impressions and contact...


Campaigning machine up and running

The definite date for the Dutch elections has only been set last Friday. But the campaigning machine has been up and running already since the cabinet resigned more than a week ago. As soon the chairman of the...


The dark side of bananas

In the current capitalistic system, consumers have become prosumers. Prosumers create their identity not only by consuming goods (think of iPod owners), but also by producing material (e.g. through social media). Companies and NGO’s like use this trend,...