Funny/sad: MEP gets angry and almost sent away during ‘debate’ over Danish refugees policy

Apparently he has a reputation here in Belgium, but MEP Louis Michel got so angry last Monday during a hearing about the Danish law to seize jewellery and cash from refugees, that he almost got kicked out by the chair.

It’s funny to see how the chair lost control (over the situation and herself) and great to see that there’s some people with passion in the European Parliament. Yet it’s also sad. Sad because there’s some truth in his argument.

The meeting focussed on the law that the Danish parliament adopted last Tuesday and the Danish minister for integration was at the meeting to answer MEP’s questions. Michel got angry after 1.5 hours of debate, stating that it was one big fake appearance and accusing the Hungarian chair Gál of avoiding a proper debate because it would show her in a bad light (hinting at the Hungary’s bad treatment of refugees).

“I know ms Gál, I’m putting you on the spot, it’s awkward, isn’t it! You don’t like us to talk about Hungary or Poland, and today you don’t like us to talk about Denmark!” Gál tried to close the meeting with increased volume, but failed as Michel was screaming with temper. “It’s unacceptable, what you organised is not a democratic debate. You should be ashamed!” Michel said, denouncing unsatisfactory answers by the Danish minister and the lack of debate on European values.

Image: MEP Louis Michel speaking furiously to the chair of a committee meeting. His colleague (right) has difficulties keeping a straight face.

Image(s)/Beeld: “Still from committee meetingcourtesy by/door European Parliament.

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